Sunday, May 31, 2009

Took some time off earlier this week and made my way down to my favorite mud hole. After a bit of slurping I had enough ghost shrimp for a couple of days of surf fishing. At the beach I found several large beds of crabs exposed at low tide—they were the size of quarters both hard and soft. Yeah, I’ve at least got the bait. Now to the beach…

Looked at the morning minus tides and racked my brain for what area would be good. Went down to the beach Thursday and found some very low tide conditions. On just the first bait I had a flurry of bites. In no time I was into some nice shark!! Dang, hoped it was a corbina or big perch but not so lucky—just the obligatory shovel nose!! Next cast began to pay off with a nice perch.

I struggled with several (lost count) shovelnose and smooth hound sharks and then made contact with our friend the corbina caught on the Carolina rig (6lb Flouro leader Gamakatsu #2 split shot hook, 1/2oz egg sinker) and a soft sand crab.

After wrestling her to the beach I was rewarded by a flyover from our armed forces. Bless them—I’m glad I’m on their side!!

As the Doppler rumbled off into the distance I was hooked up again with a nice fish on the ghost shrimp.

The day was beating on and I had to get to work. The next morning I woke up especially early and made my way back down to the beach. This time several other fishermen greeted me. We all seemed to work the area hard for fish but it was perch and shark for me.

Once again, time to get back to work--but on my way out I spied this nice hole, logged it away in the memory banks and began to make plans to come back soon at high tide…

Talking about tides---there are some great evening high tides early in the week and some even better morning tides later in the week. With small surf, warm water and good fishing it's time to get down NOW to the beach!!

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