Sunday, January 10, 2010

I was super busy this week and didn’t have time to try for bait. I did have a few clams left so I stopped by Big Fish in Seal Beach and picked up a pack of ghost shrimp. I’ve been using the great coupon for SCsurffishing posters that can be found on the site. It gives us 15% off surf baits—and I can use the money!!

You can find it here:


Anyway, I went down on Friday morning just before the big surf hit. The current was ripping, as expected, but I did manage to get a couple nice perch before leaving.

The next day I returned to try it again but the surf and the current were so strong I finally gave up. Check out the difference one day can make…
Here's a look at Friday (top) and Saturday (bottom)

Some good tides are moving back in this week. If the new storm, that’s supposedly on the way isn’t too big, we should have a great week of fishing. Good luck out there!!

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