Saturday, January 2, 2010

Made my way down earlier in the week to gather the usual characters for bait. Super low tide helped open up some new areas that hadn’t been raided by the poachers.

I decided to try to fish the over/under—i.e. the last day of one year and the first day of the New Year. Went down to my local tackle shop and surrendered the cash to the state. Rolled down to the beach and found some pounding shore break and epic sand erosion. The astronomical tides made bait catching good and hopefully surf fishing would follow.

Started at one end of HB and found a good bite on walleye. But that was it, so I decided to move to a spot that has produced nicely over the past few weeks. Bait out—game on. Yellowfin croaker jumped all over the bait.

The outside trough was full of fish and produced a few 14”-22”spotfin that pulled drag and ran your heart up to full speed.

The highlight of the day happened when I was fighting a fish in through the shore pound. A wave picked up my fish and slammed it up the beach at my feet. The amazing thing--it was accompanied by another spotfin right next to it!!

Must have been the mom? This is the first time I’ve caught two fish on the same bait—ok so maybe it caught me!!

This upcoming week has some nice tides for both bait and fish catching. I’ve noticed that the fish are spread out along the coast. Fish a spot and walk until you find bites and thus the fish. The fish really seem to be in schools that are moving so once the bite stops move again and try to find them. Be sure to line your self up with a marker so that you can come back a bit later (to the spots you found bites) and try again. Also look for cormorants—they will always tell you where the fish are!!!

Hope everyone has a great New Year and a super surf fishing year to come…

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