Saturday, October 30, 2010

With such perfect weather I had to make my way down to the beach and do some fishin’

I'd not been down to my favorite spot to catch bait in a while so earlier this week I picked up a few nice littlenecks and some ghost shrimp.

I worked several of my favorite spots up and down HB but only came up with a few palm-sized perch.

Decided to move again to one of my newer spots and had luck catching this bull perch on a ghost shrimp.

The weather over the last few weeks has turned the water over and helped to drop the temp by about 6 degrees. My guess is that fish are beginning to move up and into the local estuaries, bays, etc. where they can find warmer water and more bait. Today I had good bites on clam so that means the perch have begun to forage for them. That always means that the spotfin are not far behind.

So with ships full of Christmas gifts just offshore I know it won’t be long until we’re all into the croakers!

Next week we have some awsome conditions on the way. It looks like we will have a small West swell today, then the surf will flatten out. Each day next week looks to be warm all the way into the weekend. Aligned with this great weather is a flury of good tides for both fishing and making bait. In previous years these types of conditions lead to some great spotfin croaker fishing. For now, I would be looking for them in deep inshore troughs or at the mouth of the local estuaries. The small butter clams are now spawing so clam and ghost shrimp have proven to be the most productive baits. Here's a couple of fish from past years during this month.


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Good luck and the tightest lines possible!
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