Monday, October 18, 2010

Picked up some ghost shrimp at Big Fish and made my way down to the beach. As soon as I got there I knew why my wife had laughed at me as I left. Cool, foggy with sheets of drizzle—just how we love the beach!

No big fish today but a nice bite on both perch and yellowfin croaker. Had the tides been a bit more feverish fishing might have been even better

After this small storm coming our way, it looks like next week may have some great fishing. The water is still very warm, around 66, which is just about the “hottest” it’s been all summer. Today’s surf was flat, punctuated by 2-4’ sets from the south. The long-shore current is still running from South to North and bringing up some warm water. Once we get into the nice tides coming next week we should have some great fishing. Can’t wait to see your reports…

Look for a special announcement about my upcoming surf fishing seminar on Sat. November 6th at Fisherman's Landing, San Diego. Until then I hope you have some good fishing and a great day at the beach!

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