Saturday, June 2, 2007

Central O.C. Surf Fish Update...

Today's Ocean looked a lot like the American Flag with blue water in close, white water from the waves and red streaks one-half mile off the beach.

Quite an improvement from last week but it still has a way to go. It's good to see the red tide dissipating and leaving pockets of clean water where fish are schooling to find food.

For the next week, a full moon and moderate tides may make the bite happen later in the afternoon--but surf fishing is getting better every day. Perch and spotfin croaker have been on the bite with the corbina beginning to show. An army of sand crabs has invaded the beach and there are many areas with giant beds of baby crabs. In the next couple of weeks, corbina will begin their annual trek to slide up the beach and feed on these beds. So now's the time to get your gear in order and be ready for summer!

Today's fishing was good with a steady bite on 10-12" perch and a couple of small yellowfin croaker.

I'm still fishing the green motor oil 1 1/2" grubs--fan casting the beach as I walk trying to find the concentration of fish. Once I get on the spot I've been using sand crabs pinned on a #4 split shot hook tied to the carolina rig.

I've also been using a crab matched with the lip membrane of a mussel to trail the bait to look like a worm. This has been a very effective for both perch and the occasional corbina.

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Later next week there will be some improvement with a waning moon--meaning the bite will improve in the morning and evening hours. Some of the best tides will begin later next week and occur in the evening. These tides will be good for both fishing and collecting crabs.

Don't forget you can check out a real-time tide graph on my main page at . Here you'll find the tides in graph format and can plan out when the best time to get on down to the beach.

Not exactly light-line surf fishing!
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