Friday, June 8, 2007

Red Sea or Not I'm Going Fishin'

A moderate breeze, red tide and warm water were waiting for me at the beach today.

Yesterday evening I took some time to catch bait and found some great beds of sand crabs. The water has warmed up to 64 degrees and the crabs are loving it! Soft and hard shell crabs were everywhere with a great variety of sizes.

Sidewinders pulled from the rocks make great bait for perch and croaker...

When I arrived at the beach this morning around 8am I was greeted by a strong south wind and areas of red tide that stretched to more than one-mile offshore. Although the red tide is very thick in some areas, near shore within the surfline, the red tide seems to be less active.

I fished today with sand crabs and sidewinder crabs for a great mix of perch in the 8-12inch range and several large yellowfin croaker. I used the carolina rig with a short leader to fish in open beach areas and in an area where rock jetties meet sand. Although the tide was a bit low for my liking, the fishing was still good and began to improve once we hit low tide and the water began to fill in again. I'm a bit surprised that I haven't seen many corbina in the surf--but maybe it's the red tide. It's only a matter of time--as you know before long they'll be sliding up and down the beach looking for crabs.

This weekend and next week's best fishing tides will be in the evening. The morning high tide also shows some promise but these tides are small with only about three to four feet of upward movement. Remember to check out the interactive real-time tide chart on to stay in touch with the best times to fish.

As I've mentioned before, some of the best areas to fish during red tide conditions are areas where the red tide has not penetrated and areas where sand is adjacent to rocks--like along jetties or natural rock outcroppings. During red tide fish tend to stay near structure for safety, but because they can't easily find food, they are always very hungry and not very picky.

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I'm always looking for fish reports so feel free to send one to me and send pictures too if you have them. I've received lots and lots of questions about surf fishing and respond to every one--fell free to send me your question I look forward to hearing from you.

It's ridiculous what my boss will do to find out why I'm not at work. I think he busy charting my fishing spots!

Tight lines, Bill
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