Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Corbina Hunt Begins...

Gloom was a welcome site this morning as I walked across the beach.

We decided to go in search of the elusive corbina today (but sadly, with no success).

Walked a good distance along the beach in Newport and didn't see one corbina feeding in the surf. There were good signs of crab beds but the fish just haven't come up on them yet. All reports this week up and down the coast haven't mentioned corbina by name with the exception of San Diego.

There's no doubt the red tide slowed their move north but the water now looks much better. With that said, there's no sign of red tide now, the crabs are going crazy and it's just a matter of days before they bust loose!

In the mean time think about the big low tides that are occur over the next week. Areas where rock meets sand can be great on these low tides. Conversely, If you're fishing the beach look for rip tide troughs that form and fish those areas. They can be identified by murky water and bubbling foam.

Watch out for the squid at the beach. Here's one of four I saw on the beach. There's even been a report from the Long Beach breakwater that you can catch one from shore at night! AAH!

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