Monday, September 6, 2010

Took a drive on Friday down to Big Fish in Seal Beach and picked up a bucket of ghost shrimp. Swung by the beach right after and took advantage of the high tide to catch some crabs. Had to move several times to find bait as the cool water of last week really sent them digging. Finally found a nice group of crabs mixed in with shells and course sand—just another strange feature of this summer.

I’ve been fishing in Bolsa Chica and along Huntington Beach in areas that have some great high tide troughs. When the current gets just right you can pitch a bait out and it will track right into the hole. Once your sinker lodges in the side of the trough you’re almost anchored—seconds later it’s fish on, just like clockwork.

It’s Labor Day Saturday and I’m expecting millions at the beach. No problem, parking lot’s only half full. Everyone must be staying home. So I park and it’s down to the sand. One of the great things about this spot is you almost always catch a different type of fish each cast. So I pinned on a crab and cast out. First fish, a nice little leopard shark…

Now it’s time for a ghost shrimp. Slip down into the trough, get anchored, fish on. A nice yellowfin croaker this time.

Back to the sand crab. Small perch takes my line….

Time for another ghost shrimp—I’m going back to the candy bait. This one’s a real puller, takes me down the beach and around kelp until she comes to shore. A nice corbina…

Check out the barbell—you might need a shave!

One last bait ‘cause it time to get home for dinner. So I launch a nice quarter size sand crab out and get it lodged into the surf fish super highway. Boom nice big surfperch ends the day.

Great surf fishing is back now that the water has climbed back up to 61 from last week’s 54. Tomorrow should prove to be even more of a crowd challenge but I hope all you surf fishermen get out there and have some well deserved fun!

This upcoming week has some crazy tides that might be better for catching bait than catching fish. Provided it doesn't get too windy, this week should have some good surf fishing near both the high and low tides. Some of the biggest corbina are feeding right now in preparation for migrating into intertidal waters to feed on clams and ghost shrimp. So grab some bait and get on down to the beach the big one is down there and waiting just for you!

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