Monday, September 27, 2010

Went down to the beach earlier this week to find a few crabs and came across this huge ship leaving Huntington Harbor (I was told it is the USS New York, a guided missile destroyer fitted with steel from the World Trade Center). What a sight to see, it was almost as long as the jetty and on its way out to sea and around the world to protect our freedom—Thank You!

Well, I did find some crabs with quite a bit of looking. With the water temps going up and down this summer they have been staying close to structure with all of my crabs found between small rocks and pieces of shell. Once I had a few it was time to make a few casts with my friend from the State Park. First we hooked into a couple small leopard and smooth hound sharks.

The a nice yellowfin comes out of the trough

Followed by an even bigger yfc from the ranger

After a few more casts it was off to work. I knew my bait was still in good shape so I planned to return in the morning. Bright sun greeted me at the beach with the lightest offshore breeze and tiny shore break. I cast my bait back into the trough that has been so productive over the summer. I waited and was patient. Some nibbles from perch then the line went tight and this guy jumped on the hook.

Nice fight for a corbina hooked so close to shore and thanks again to Bill the Goldenwest College Volleyball coach who took my picture. He’ll be fishing the spot tomorrow!

This week is already starting off red hot so it's time to get down to the beach and catch some fish. Look for good evening and late afternoon tides toward the end of the week. Next week has some great fishing and bait catching tides--so if the weather stays nice I'm predicting the best surf fishing of the year!

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