Sunday, May 17, 2009

After gathering some bait I headed down to the beach for a Friday evening surf fish session. I was amazed by how few people were at the beach—a real sign of the economy.

The wind is now coming from the south (as it should be this time of year) and the water is finally growing clear and warm. The only downside is the lack of tide. With a high of only four feet it would take some good luck to catch fish.

Although the big one’s weren’t around and the spotfin seemed to be hiding, I did have some luck with about a dozen of the palm size models. Best bite was on sidewinders and clams. I like to fish them on the Carolina rig close to where rocks meet sand. When I know the fish are close to the rocks I will use a small 1/4th ounce sinker in hopes of not getting snagged.

Here’s a couple perch just in case you forgot…

Spied a nice sunset as I left and was happy that we are finally inching closer to summer.
There have been several reports of halibut in the Huntington Beach area over the last few days and with some great tides next week I sure hope we get back into the fish again.

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