Saturday, May 23, 2009

Looked at the tides this week and decided to try both morning and evening high tide. The surf had really calmed down and the winds that plagued us last week from the West had finally relented with just a soft warm South breeze.

UnReel (his user name)worked his tail off to catch some beautiful ghost shrimp and brought them to the beach for bait. Because the sand crabs are just perfect now, we also brought them along, in hopes of finding corbina. One evening I fished from the rocks and sand in hopes of catching the elusive surf ghost. But no luck. Just a few perch.

Then it was time for the morning bite so we met down at the beach and gave it a shot. Every cast a bite ( I wish I could say a “fish” but the gardener in me knows the farmer all too well!!) I fished the carolina rig using a 1/2oz sinker (because the surf was small), 24” of flouro leader and super sharp #1 split shot hook.

We ended up with perch, corbina, shovelnose Mr. Wiggles, smooth hound sharks and a couple small and large yellowfin croaker. No real big fish--but we know they are on the way! All in all a great morning.

Check out this tag in UnReel’s perch

Friday morning didn’t bring us back to corbinaland but it did provide a little yellowfin croaker and a few perch…

As I was leaving the beach after the evening of fishing I couldn’t help but wonder what is in store for us now that we know the fish are here. It’s just a matter of time before they go into a feeding frenzy that leaves even beachgoers with fear in their eyes!! I hope everyone has a great weekend at the beach and thanks UnReel for the bait--Sir ShrimpMaster!!

Next week we have some very low morning tides and a mid day to evening high. Should provide some good bait catching and corbina fishing opportunities.

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