Friday, May 8, 2009

Took some time off work early this week and went down to collect some bait at a couple of my favorite spots.

This warm weather and lack of rain has made for some great bait catching. Sidewinder crabs seem to hate the rain and every time it comes it’s a couple of days before they come out of hiding. It also bugs the ghost shrimp and clams so even though it’s been a dry winter for us the bait sure has loved it!

Loaded up the car and hit the beach both Tuesday and Thursday evening. Just the right tides for my favorite spot—low going to high. I took the entire arsenal. Sand crab, mussel, clam, sidewinder and ghost shrimp—I even through in a few Gulp! baits for good measure.

The surf was larger each day and presented its own challenges. The water this week was a bit warmer but still very cloudy. The winds, which had been strong around noon each day, had begun to die off and give us a break. Over the two days my buddy Ken and I had a nice pick on perch and a couple of spotfin—one caught and one hooked and broken off in the rocks. It’s good to see them in the counts. Let’s hope they go wide-open.

The sidewinder crab, hooked in the middle and flug out on the Carolina rig seemed to work the best.

Many smaller perch jumbed on the sand crab.

There was even a yellowfin croaker in the mix.

Along with a few walleye who loved the sand crab but were ridiculous on the crack.

What do you guys think? Glup! Works so well for small fish it’s unbelievable but for large fish I have rarely seen it work. Have you seen it work for big slabs, etc. in the surf?

A look at the moon on my way out…

It looks like the water is getting a bit warmer and the ocean a bit clearer. The promise of a new south swell next week may bring warm clear water up the coast and set this place on fire! I sure hope so…
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